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March 24, 2010
San Mateo, Calif. – March 24, 2010 - New Nohau BDM emulator with TRACE For Freescale MC9S12XDP, 68HC912 & MC9S12 Series $2,195
Model Number EMUL12-PC/BDM.

You know that control and insight are the keys to code development success.
That’s why we built our New Freescale BDM hardware with extra MODA & MODB bit control leads and included trace standard for all components with on-chip trace support.
Another important difference in BDM emulators is the software that supports it. So we didn’t scrimp on the features. The Seehau debug environment supports all the best C compilers with simultaneous panes in any form from binary to HLL, and even graphic data display. You pick the radix, or even make up your own, no problem.

Seehau in-line compilation and assembly saves time, and helps you stay focused on the task at hand. Point and click icons are backed up by redundant pull-down menus, so commands are where you expect to find them and easy to use.

Time saving command line scripting is fully supported, and your scripts can be easily embedded in new user defined buttons.

Suitable for 3V to 5.5V operating voltage it only draws 1mA VDDX even while tracing.

Currently supports: MC9S12XDP, 68HC912D60 & A, 68HC912DA128 & A, 68HC912DG128 & A, 68HC912DT, 68HC912K, 68HC912KG, 68HC912KT, M9S12P128,MC9S12A, MC9S12B, MC9S12BC, MC9S12BD, MC9S12BE, MC9S12C, MC9S12D, MC9S12DA DG DJ DP DT, MC9S12E, MC9S12H, MC9S12K KG KT, MC9S12T
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January, 28, 2009
San Mateo, Calif. – January28, 2009 –  Ever wonder why an ARM JTAG and C Compiler has to cost nearly $2K? So did we, so now Nohau® ARM JTAG emulator with Seehau debugger is just $895.00.
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