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Nohau offers professional quality full In-Circuit, BDM, & JTAG embedded systems development tools.

San Mateo, Calif. – March 10, 2007 – Nohau® brand emulators have been rescued from the bankruptcy of Knowit LLC. ICE Technology announced today that it has purchased the assets necessary to continue manufacture and support of all Nohau® brand in-circuit emulators and embedded systems tools. ICE Technology is currently moving the operation to Sunnyvale, California and has re-started limited production to service orders in place when Knowit LLC unexpectedly declared bankruptcy.

It is unfortunate that the failure of Knowit LLC was visited on the Nohau® brand name. We intend to continue in the tradition of commitment to embedded systems engineers with hallmark quality, innovation, and customer support that made the Nohau® brand an established leader in embedded systems tools. We are pleased that key Nohau® engineering and support personnel have chosen to continue with us at ICE Technology.

Ph:1-800-68-NOHAU (1-800-686-6428) or (650) 375-0409
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