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EMUL-ARM: Overview

EMUL-ARM is a full-featured JTAG debugger that supports all ARM7- and ARM9-based MCUs. The Seehau User Interface included works on Windows 98, ME, 2000, and XP. EMUL-ARM also has optional full support for the ARM ETM trace -- up to 200 MHz. More...

Nohau is a one-stop solution for ARM-based development tools. In addition to our EMUL-ARM debugger, we offer three different compilers and many target boards for MCUs made by our partners.

For complete price information, go to the Pricing Page. For EMUL-ARM, Nohau® is accepting orders worldwide. However, you can also purchase this product from Nohau's local distributors.

Nohau® works with several compiler vendors to create effective debug solutions. Currently supported compilers are: ARM (RealView, ADS and SDT), Ashing AsIDE, GNU, HI-TECH, IAR, and MicroCross. We resell compilers from the vendors below. For additional information, click the logos.


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